Long Week

This week we have been setting up remote learning for the students. I miss my students, my routine, my plans. It has turned into such a long week. Thank goodness I have colleagues to commiserate with, bounce ideas off, and still have lunch with for now. While reading other posts here by teachers, I try to prepare myself for the long haul and not worry too much.

During my hour commute this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder if this will be one of my last drives for awhile. Just in case this does happen, I was regaled with many, many white-tailed deer on the side of the road. How did they know to come to the edge of the wood, stand still and say “Hello” with the flip of their tails? Maybe they were just licking the salt off the road, but I would rather see it as Mother Nature’s way of calming my frayed nerves. Take a breath, enjoy and stay calm.

4 thoughts on “Long Week

  1. Sometimes those moments are so needed. I am glad you were there to experience it. And, you are right, nature has a way to calm.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your slice of nature. I love how the deer greeted you this morning. Nature truly does have a way of clearing the mind and bringing a smile to the heart.

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  3. If we all remember your words of wisdom (nature calms me down), we will get through this. Thanks for the reminder.

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  4. Nature is calming. What a moment you had with those white-tailed deer! Love this line, “Take a breath, enjoy and stay calm”! Perfect reminder!

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