A Door Opening

SOL#17 Day 31        31-day-streak-with-border      classroom-challenge

Another talk to  myself:

Final day of the challenge, Teri. Don’t put that pen down now. You’ve done so much. You’ve fulfilled your commitment. Here and there you caught a grain of truth, painted a pixel of a picture and uplifted your own soul.  These slices depicted a patchwork quilt of your inner and public life. A few slices were diced and examined with precise details. Other slices were merely skimmed over. Maybe to be opened up for later probings. Remember every journey, every task, begins with one step at a time. Keep going.



SOL#17 – Day 30        classroom-challenge

A blog put together from my posts this past month:

Here in northern NH I am always getting Ready for displays of Mother Nature’s Strength. She has the Dream Job and on Day 4 – So Proud of her work, I recite The ABC’s of Gratitude.

Here are some Things I Know!? – Wash and Skate and Basketball.

Currently, I am Looking Up and feeling Frigid Cold. The temperature Numbers match my Birthday’s number.13 – That’s cold.

Sometimes I Imagine Together the Family Cooking. That would make me Yes, A Planner! But life interferes with things like the Town Meeting -where Democracy Rules. All I can do is walk away with 10 Things I Trust. That then gives me Inspiration from Book Titles and Lessons to Pass On. So here I am Sweating , looking for Hidden Poetry. Really. It is like finding Surf and Turf under the couch pillows. As my Sunday Night Worries continue I write a Note To Myself. Is there A Name for this composite post? Mishmash, perhaps?

A Name

SOL#17 – Day 29

I loved djvichos‘ post about her name       .classroom-challenge

Almost everyone has their own story about their name. Here is my story. I was named Mary Theresa, a good Catholic name. My Mother’s name is Mary, as is my Grandmother’s, and my cousin’s. There were too many Marys in the family. So my Grandfather started to call me Teri. This nickname has stuck with family and friends. My legal name is still Mary. There are times when the two worlds collide.  Mary T. is on the licenses and official papers. Some friends did not even know it was me requesting their presence at my marriage ceremony. They didn’t think they knew that Mary. It was really confusing in college when Teri (real name Mary) was dating Bob (real name Charles). That relationship didn’t work out – just as well that wedding invitation would have been way too confusing. I will answer to either name, but most people do call me Teri. And there was my dear brother, Skip (alias John) who would call me “MaryTeri”. I smile just to type that and my heart fills with memories of my dear departed brother.


A name is just name

Unless it is your fame

It’s what’s inside that touches us all

That makes us want to write and share

We answer the challenge call

Our souls laid open and bare.

Note to Myself

SOL#17 – Day 28

Note to myself:

I know you want to be healthy. I know you think that means being skinny, but be careful what you ask for – you do not want to get skinny by being sick. You need to slow down and enjoy the food you are eating. You want to exercise more. Remember how great it felt to be able to move your body energetically. You want to be able to run with students in PE and chase after the granddaughters in the backyard. It is time to start practicing yoga again. Yes, it is a practice. You do not need to do it perfectly. It is time to choose kindness. No, you do not have to always be right. Being right hasn’t always got you the best results. Let’s try to be kind instead. Live in the moment. Stop fretting about the past and worrying about the future. Laugh more. Dance more. Read more. Write more.

Sunday night worries

SOL #17 – Day 27   classroom-challenge

Sunday Evening

The saddest time of the week end

Dusk surrounds the house

Bags and books ready to be packed

“To-do lists” are in my head

Do I really have to think about tomorrow?

No more Downton Abbey to fill the space before bed

Should-haves crowd the thoughts

If I write the worries down

Will peace give me sleep?

Or will sleep give me peace?

Surf and Turf

SOL #17 – Day 26          classroom-challenge

No Spring here yet, so on my adventurous ride to the grocery store(snow covered roads) I was inspired to pretend I was somewhere else. Let’s pretend it is summer and warmer out there. That reminds me of the beach. Will there be any seafood on sale? Yes! I bought  some scallops and a sirloin steak on sale. Surf and Turf!

After watching numerous cooking shows where the contestants struggle to cook scallops to a demanding Gordon Ramsey’s satisfaction, I remember the needed preparation – they are going to cook quickly so rinse, pat dry and season them first; the pan needs to be nonstick and  hot oil. I will be ready.

While rearranging the fridge to fit new groceries, I came across a cauliflower shoved to the back. thiss should be used before going bad. My Yankee thriftiness shining through. I was going to try cauliflower rice which I had been hearing about on my cooking shows. After a quick peek with Pinterest, all I would need would be garlic and butter and Parmesan cheese after grating the head. Everything tastes better with garlic, butter and Parmesan cheese..

My husband would broil the steak. He is better at that than me, maybe because he just does it more. We now need to saute a few mushrooms and this meal would be restaurant worthy, but we would get to eat it comfortably at home wearing our slippers, watching the cat sleeping again!

PS- Sorry I am not of the generation that takes pictures of their plates, but I wish I had thought to snap this one. It would have made you even more jealous to see it. Delicious.


SOL#17 – Day 25          classroom-challenge

Earlier this week the tone in the classroom was filled with shock when one of the female students said they she would be moving next year. Really? Of course we will miss her and wish her the best, but the transition seems to be even harder because it is being dragged out for several months. Now hourly comparisons are being made between our school and the new school. Lots of pros and cons. Each subject examined with details. Every variance argued over. “Yeah, that looks good, but what about this?”

In our small school setting these students have been unusually close. And I have had some of them for three years. We do get to build wonderful relationships and it is so rewarding to see growth and change. I just hope this student will continue to work hard and attain success in the classroom now. It is just this slow motion erosion is painful. Is it better to know of change of coming and prepare, or is it better to adjust to change as it happens?

And as R stated, “I’ll believe it when it really happens.”