I am finally home this afternoon. Remote learning launched, a few kincks worked out, a few students checked in. Now what?

What to do first?

It’s warming up. The sun peeks out.

I decide to wash the winter filth off my car. It will be just a quick spray with soap and water because I know the roads are still wet and dirty. I’ll clean the inside too. Dirt got dumped from the couple of plants I brought home. And I do munch on my daily commute, so there are lots of cru;mbs. And then one day my husband put the dog in my car, instead of his truck. For a short-haired beagle she sure sheds alot of small, wiry hair. Making progress, even washing the threshold where the car door opens.

Then, Whoosh – a sudden downpour.

The rain was now washing the inside of the doors. The car rugs laid out in the driveway did need washing too.

Quick, hurry.

Close things up.

Run into the house and put the cleaning stuff away.

What, wait! The sun is back out!

Oh, well. I did manage to remove some of the grime. Even this little bit of decluttering boosts my spirit.

I needed that.

6 thoughts on “Rain?!

  1. Yes- we got sprinkled on today. I rather like the rain. Makes staying inside feel- justified?

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  2. I did a little remote office creating today and put some spring things out in the house. Felt good-ish.

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  3. Your post is a reminder that change can come quick, and we will have to adjust. I’ll bet your car looks better now! Then whoosh- a sudden downpour. Love that line 🙂

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    1. Happy changeable first day of Spring. I felt like I was cleaning a car and I love the detail you used about the crumbs with a small confession.

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  4. It seems like every time I wash the car, it gets messy again in a hurry. It will either rain or a giant puddle splash occurs.

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  5. It’s going to be important to focus on ‘the little things’. I think writers are going to fare better. I’m encouraging my grandkids to all keep journals. 🙂


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