Super Coffee Cup Hero

Not your meager, ordinary cup,

I am the hero to your mornings!

Let me strengthen you with caffeine,

Enlarge you with purpose and direction.

I soar like a speeding bullet,

So please, fill-er-up!

You blame me for hyperactivity.

You blame me for headaches.

But I am needed for action.

I am a drug for late night workers.

I turn your dreams into action,

And turn your actions into dreams.


There are no mistakes!


I went to the computer to learn to blog.
I made a mistake and wrote in a fog.

I went to some text to get some inspiration.
I made a mistake and felt perspiration.

I went to some old poems to copy and practice.
I made a mistake and fell on my face.

I went into nature to find what was true.
I made a mistake and everything looked blue.

I went into my past to look for a pattern.
I made a mistake and saw nothing certain.

Now finally, I’m writing where there is truth,
There are no mistakes…

An Extended Moment

An Extended Moment


The illuminated clock face starts winding the internal talk,

“So much to do… Remember… Don’t forget…”

The concave pillow suddenly feels uncomfortable,

The blankets too warm,

And I limp out of bed

Stagger to the kitchen counter,

Find and push the button,unconsciously, by touch alone

Stand, Hypnotized by the swirl of coffee into the cup,

The smell of caffeine promising life will follow.

Rain splashes across the headlines, the driveway and my future.


Had an interesting discussion with class-
“I need to go to the movies this weekend.”
“Really? You need to go or you want to go?”
“Okay, but I want to go really bad.”
Then the discussion evolved into what do we really need/want.
Most of the basic needs were acknowledged: food, water, shelter. What about friendship, pets, games, books? Are these only wants or are they something basic to all humans? Don’t we all need understanding(love)? Don’t we all need/want companionship?
Discuss, discuss.
What about a reason for living, a purpose in life – just a want?
When there is purpose, isn’t there meaning? What’s your purpose in life right now? What do you want it to be as you get older?
Lots of food for thought- for us all.