Revisit my OLW

At the beginning of January, I chose Kindness as my One Little Word. Just like all resolutions I started out very committed, but now at the end of the month I find that my focus on the word has slipped. So I am renewing my wish to be kinder to people. I am hoping that I will have more success if I use the phrase (from Wonderone of Mr. Browne’s precepts quoted from Dr. Wayne Dyer) “Choose kind”.

Actually as I read the whole quote now, it does seem very appropriate for me. Here is the quote:”When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” Too many times, especially with my husband I think I am right. And I want him to know that I am right. Now, I will try harder to be kind, rather than right. Why is it that sometimes it is the people we love the most that we can hurt the worst?

As a teacher there is so many things you need to be right about – the right lesson plan, the right assessment, the right goal etc. I think too often I carry that over to my home life, and think I need to be right about everything there too.


ABC’s of Teaching

The ABC’s of teaching

A is for always, there is always something to do.

B is for boys, oh, can they make a science class interesting

C is for class, of course

D is for demands, so many demands

E is for everyone, let’s try to include everyone

F is for forgiveness, we all make mistakes

G is for golly gee, I tried

H is for happiness, what we all want

I is for integrity

J is for jumping through hoops

K is for kindness, choose kindness

L is for labels – on books and cubbies, not people

M is for many, the many things we do

N is for noticing what goes on with every student

O is for an opportunity to succeed for all

P is for politeness, never to be forgotten

Q is for quiet when the story gets oh-so-sad

R is for rest ,everybody needs plenty

S is for studying, can I teach them how?

T is for teacher, I always wanted to be one

U is for universal, some rules apply to all

V is for verb, we all know what that can do

W is for welcome, all welcome here

X is for extra special care

Y is for you, you are important

Z is for zero, I don’t want to see that anywhere!




Slice and Dice

Slice and dice – a catchy little phrase I am using to help my students write their blogs. I want them to take a slice of their day, one small incident or thought, then proceed to dice it apart. Look at all aspects. Explore it from different angles. Think about it from a different point of view.

So here is my try about my cat. In the winter this outdoor cat is a nuisance. (Original thought, now I need to dice it apart} Okay I can understand how frustrated she can get with this cold, snowy weather in northern NH. When it is real cold, around zero degrees, she is all too happy to just sleep next to the wood stove all night. But it is these warmer winter nights that seems to get her inquisitive nature working again. She does not want to stay in all night.She does have safe harbors under the stairs and in the nearby barn, but I still worry when she is out in the middle of the night.And so I leave the outside light on. My rural neighborhood borders fields, trees, hills. I know that there is a cruel side to Mother Nature and all animals must eat to survive, but I don’t want my kitty to be attacked. My cat is eight years old and has acquired some survival smarts I’m sure. But I sit up, wrapped in a fleece blanket, waiting for the scratch at the door, telling me she is safe and now ready to come in – maybe for another hour or two. .. Yes, she has me trained. I am always amused by the idea that it is really the pets who train the owners. It is human hubris that thinks we are dictating the schedules of our cats and dogs daily. For all too often it is those cute furry creatures getting what they want when they want it. “Oh yea, I’m reading her mind.” we may say to ourselves, but the proof lies in the fact that Kitty/Fido only eat that brand of food, sleep on that blanket, etc… In summary, no matter how inconvenient the cat seems at times, I like her company and her mice hunting skills and I want her to stay around much longer.


Kindness Cloud


kindness-cloudAnother slice of life and I am working with the students on their blogs, using word clouds with their OLWs. This is a terrific lesson for synonyms. But with different levels of ability and some tech difficulties, it ended up taking the whole class to implement – and still a couple didn’t finish.  March is getting ever closer and I want therm to be ready to blog everyday …


MY OLW 2017

One Little Word

Yes, I am going to do this year. In the past I never committed myself to this idea. I never put it down on paper. So, of course I never remembered to follow through.

My One Little Word for this year is kindness.  This OLW also fits in with  my New Year’s Resolution – to be kinder. To me, being kinder can encompass so much. If I can be kinder, I will be more aware of others and their needs. I want to look people in the eye and pay attention when they are speaking. This means listening without thinking of what I want to say. Then I need to be able to think before I speak. This means there will be less jumping to conclusions by me – a really bad habit. Or even worse, I often think that I know everything. By using kindness, I should be more considerate of others and their feelings.Also I will be kinder to myself. There is no need for harsh words against myself. I should be my own best friend, not worst enemy.

Interesting day as I introduced this concept to the students also. There was no hesitation on their part and they eagerly began to think and write about their little word.  Now working with them I hope we all can do more work with our own little words.