Getting Ready

Today is the last day before the Class SOL Challenge and we are working to get ourselves ready. Wow! Amazing the things that can already go wrong – lost passwords, forgotten links, new user names… But we will give it a go tomorrow. I did this individual challenge last year and know how strenuous it can be. As a class we brain-stormed ideas and went over the guidelines and parameters. The excitement is building and we even talked about some rewards. Of course the ultimate reward will be slices of pizza topped with cake! The majority seem to want chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. That is definitely a good choice. So I hope some of you will join us in this class challenge, or at least support us kidblog-mrs-cotes-class7.


3 AM

The mind wanders and wanders,

A non-stop flow of thoughts and demands,

Shoulds, woulds, musts …

So much to do…

Why am I so hard on myself?

Breathe, relax – It’s only three am. Still plenty of time to sleep..

Turn the pillow over, snuggle down into the covers.

Vacation week, and the musings still don’t stop….


We got lots of snow in the last couple of days. We even enjoyed a snow day away from school. Since we got the call the night before, it was relaxing in the morning. The view was beautiful from the house, all white and clean. And it was so quiet. It is amazing how the snow absorbs all sound. Plus there was hardly any traffic to make any noise. The house is staying really warm too because of the depth of snow snuggled up to the foundation. Huge hills of snow were soon heaped along the driveway after the plow cleaned some space. The bird feeder ( a small red house) looked bizarre with nearly a foot of snow precariously perched on top. It seemed at first that the birds were afraid to come to this strange looking box to eat, but they did not wait long to recognize their feeding station.Once the high narrow path was shoveled to the front porch, my husband took the cat out for a tour. She does not really enjoy the snow, but she loves the outdoors. She needed to know (my husband assured me) that the path was clear to her safety spot under the porch. Does she have him trained or what?

Today back at school, the kids were busy shoveling and trying to sled in the deep snow. It was not too cold so there were no complaints. There were lots of falls into the soft powdery mounds. It looks like we will be enjoying this traditional winter scenery for quite some time. It certainly is perfect for getting the snow shoes out.

“PAWS” itive Love

For Valentine’s Day I am having the students write about their love for their pets, and so I am writing also. My husband and I just have a cat now. I don’t want to say that we own a cat because it is difficult to say that anyone can own a cat. Cats are very independent. The cat really only tolerates us, and gets us to do her bidding.

Our cat is named after an ancient Roman god, Janus. Statues of this god usually show two faces. While my cat has two faces also. It is divided symmetrically  along its body (and face too) into light and dark patterns of fur. If you saw only half her face, you would not match it up with the other side. Sometimes I think she reminds of Janis Joplin Рa wild, independent spirit!

Since Janus was raised with our puppy, Sam, she received some of the same training as a dog. Hence, she learnt to fetch and retrieve her little toys! She does not do it much anymore, that is mostly our fault for not keeping up with the practice. Janus will also come when called by my husband’s whistle. It helps if he shakes the treat bag too.

I have always been a cat lover, but this cat really belongs to my husband. They spend lots of time together, especially outdoors in the summer. Both of them like to hunt and eat their wild prey. I only like to watch and hear about their adventures while I sip ice tea on the front porch.