Day 31

Wow, the finish line. As a first time slicer this has been amazing. Thanks for the opportunity and encouragement from all. I loved it! I want to continue to write. That Tuesday, once a week slice, seems more possible.

Writing helps me sort the chaos and recognizing myself in what others write can be reassuring. This familiarity resonates the truth. I like to be reminded of what is important.

There are so many things I take for granted- health, family, creature comforts. I don’t want to be ungrateful, but so many times the details of living overshadow my true priorities. Writing my feelings down helps to narrow the focus for me.


Day 30


Dedicated, creative, caring

Lover of my husband, great books, and warm

hugs from granddaughters.

Who wonders how this world changed so much

Who fears that we may be destroying our

own planet

Who feels happy and peaceful when she’s

relaxing at home

Who would like to visit with her family more

and exercise more

Who dreams that this year all her students

will discover the joy of writing!

Day 29

Waiting for inspiration. Writing challenge almost over. Commitment almost fulfilled. I’ve already written about-

  • Weather- still bipolar
  • The cat- still an early morning pest
  • Spring cleaning- not done yet
  • School- still so much to do
  • Letter to myself:

Dear Teri,

      You did it, just about finished the month long writing challenge. It was good. Remember how fulfilling it felt to have accomplished putting a little of yourself on paper. Things that have been rattling around in my head were sorted out. Reflection and observation were drawn upon. Early mornings are a good time to process ideas and feelings. The point is to start, baby steps – something usually emerges from the chaos.

        A reward from this challenge was the feedback, comments and encouragement from the fellow writers. As this was my first time blogging, I did not know what to expect. My writings are not professional, would I be read? The camaraderie was heart warming. I am not used to sharing with strangers.

             Message to myself – Don’t stop now!



writing drafts


Day 28

I was inspired from an old gardening article.


Garden of Life

Plant two rows of peas:

  • Peace of mind-don’t live a life full of regret
  • Peace of heaven-remember to pray

Plant three rows of lettuce:

  • Lettuce be more grateful
  • Lettuce be more patient
  • Lettuce be more loving

Plant three rows of squash:

  • Squash rumors and lies
  • Squash self-derogatory remarks
  • Squash prejudice and racism

Plant two rows of turnip:

  • Turnip for responsibility
  • Turnip for those less fortunate

And don’t forget to plant thyme:

  • Thyme for your family
  • Thyme to nurture your soul
  • Thyme for your future


Water your garden liberally with love. Fertilize it with kindness. Live in the moment and enjoy your harvest!


Day 27


Spring is creeping in slowly here in northern NH. My daffodils haven’t grown but a half inch in two weeks. It has been just too cool. The snow has just about all been washed away with the recent rains, and quagmires of mud remain. I keep squinting at the tree branches hoping to recognize the nub of a bud bulging out. Nope, not yet. What I have to look forward to is that explosion of green and color after the bland monotones of winter. And it wasn’t even our normal winter with banks of snow. This lack of snow was good for enabling daily life to go on normally, but not great for the sports of winter-snowshoes weren’t needed to amble over field and through the woods; ice for skating outdoors just melted; and cross country skiers slid on hard, slippery trails. But now the promise of spring is in the air. Day length is expanding. People are coming out of their winter shells. Seed packages harken from the stores’ shelves. Easter lilies intoxicate with their blooms. Geese and ducks have been spotted on the unfrozen parts of river and ponds. Even the memory of buzzing mosquitoes doesn’t stop my heart from fluttering at the thought of Spring.

Day 26

I love watching the clouds
When I go for a walkimage
On an overcast day.
They’re floating above the horizon
Like a soft, grey blanket.
I feel safe and warm,
Insulation from above.
It gives one the perception
Of being on the planet,
Crawling between soil
and sky!



Day 25

Some interesting numbers and math problems:

  • 62 – years alive
  • 3- number of states I have lived in
  • 7- number of siblings
  • 15 – number of years teaching
  • 2 – number of granddaughters
  • 23 – house number growing up
  • 13 – my lucky number


1 cat – 1 mouse = 1/2 bowl of kibble(her reward)

1 teacher + 15 students = 1 Class