When I arrived home yesterday afternoon, there was the cat lounging peacefully in the sun. I was jealous. Not only did she have the luxury of the time to spend doing nothing, but she knows the correct way to do nothing. Cats live in the moment. There is no worrying about the future (Will the payment reach the bank on time?) or worrying about the past (Did I say the right thing?).  She was just laying quietly absorbing the heat of this late September day.

No matter what this cat is doing, she is committed to it. I have seen her hunting before when she can stalk her prey for over an hour. She waits quietly and patiently for that little mouse to scurry by on a path where she knows mice travel. My commitment to projects often falters and fails. So as I start up this school year, I begin another vow to write more and write more with my students. We have begun our writing, hoping to build stamina for the March SOL Classroom Challenge.



A Flip Flop or a Beach Ball?

An interesting question was raised in class today – Are you more like a flip flop or a beach ball? What does that mean anyways?  It was an exercise to raise one’s own awareness of oneself. We have been discussing multiple intelligence and our strengths and weaknesses. So I am completing this activity along with the students using my intrapersonal skills to answer the question.

My musings on this dilemma started with what does each item represent? They both represent summer and fun to me. However, a flip flop is more utilitarian. It has a job – to keep the feet cool, comfortable and moving. That certainly is more like me – working, keeping the class moving and yet trying to stay comfortable and cool. A beach ball can be used  to bring people together for a purpose – a game of toss or keep away. And a teacher certainly has a purpose always.  I like to keep things moving like a ball, and I like to make lessons fun. It seems like I am similar to both of these objects and their uses. And just as fall arrives, I am sad to have to put these summer things away. It soon will be too cold for flip flops and beach balls. I will have to come up with our items to spur my class on to more writings – snow shoes and snow balls??

flip-flop-clipart-black-and-white-xcgxgqdca                                     beach-ball-clip-art-black-and-white-clipart