Old Rockers🎶

My husband and I finally made it out of our winter hibernation/doldrums to an Allman Brothers band tribute. It was inexpensive, close to home, early in the evening, and marvelous! Singing and swaying with the familiar tunes made us feel young! The fellas on stage we’re having a blast too. What a shock it was then, when the lights came up, to see that we were in the midst of all these old people! I know them as friends and neighbors, but I was feeling so young that I expected the clock to be turned back. For that brief period, there were no aches and pains, no worries or doubts. It’s comforting to realize that we’ve still got our groove on,  even as colorful t-shirts stretch over beer bellies, eye glasses hang from chains instead of peace signs and grey haired women still wear maxi skirts and boots (albeit, snow boots with ice-creepers attached)!



Under the cloud blanket

It has been awhile since I wrote for SOL, but I am making thepexels-photo-744487.jpeg effort again. As I get my class ready for the March challenge, I prepare myself, remember myself and begin…

Finally the drive to school in the morning is happening with some light beginning to shine. For too long this trip has been in the dark. Then the only illumination was from the car’s headlights. It was like driving in a cocoon. I had forgotten how beautiful the countryside looks in the morning light. The experience this morning was the sensation of crawling under a grey, fluffy blanket. A layer of clouds floated above insulating the ground below. The temperature stayed comfortable overnight. At least for early February, it was comfortable in northern NH! My short sojourn rolls over hills and valleys, and too often I forget to look and see the beauty before me and thank Mother Nature for her gifts.


Life is better at Camp

I have finally made it to camp to relax with my family.

I managed to clean out the old classroom and shift want I might want into piles in the new classroom. At least I am no longer holding up anyone else from moving into that room. All those stacks can be weeded through later, after I have a chance to catch my breath.

So here I be, sipping tea in the afternoon with my sisters, watching the rain and wind lift off the lake. Peace and quiet before husbands, kids, granddaughters and dogs arrive. There are no deadlines and requirements. We share memories, plans, recipes and books. Ahhhh… breathe in deeply and relax.


Often I find the repetition of household chores to be depressing. I just finish washing all the clothes in the hamper, when it is suddenly filled up again. The dirty dishes are washed, when another glass shows up in the sink! So you can imagine my dismay when much of this weekend’s chores were undone.

Some of the work that had to be completed before opening our summer cottage had already been done before this Memorial Day long weekend and only a few chores remained. My sisters and I needed to wash out the cupboards and clean windows. We got an early start on Saturday, because as daughters of a milk man we always get up early, even on vacation.

It is always fun to do things with my sisters, even chores. We joke and laugh and tease each other.  Even squeegeeing windows clean can be fun. There were lots of dead bugs to vacuum up also, but before long the windows were shining. That would have been the time to go relax on the deck. However, it was too buggy. There were swarms of hungry, little flies everywhere. Usually at the lake we have a breeze that keeps these annoying pests away. This day did not have any breeze, so the bugs were all hanging around our clean windows and screens. We did try to spray away these pests, but a lot of it drifted back on the windows. The windows were beginning to look worst than when we started. The next morning when we examined the windows tons of little tiny bugs were laying between the panes of glass. We decided to surrender and leave this chore until next time and hope the bug population has gone down by then.

All I need to do!?

SOL 5/23

As bathing suit weather looms ahead, I realize that I’m not ready – not ready at all.

All I need to do is:

Exercise – religiously

Eat- Healthy

Chew- Slowly

Avoid- Extra Servings

Walk- Daily

Meditate- Stress away

Encourage- Mindfulness

Practice- Patience

Read- Of course

Write- Frequently

Appreciate- Good Health

Enjoy- Family & Vacation


SOL -5/16/17

Six words to say it all! I can’t pick which one to use.


School ending-    Still lots to do!

Sleep deprived. . .      Night worries always looming.

“What ifs” overshadow all my plans.

If only, filling in the blanks.

Summer, a student and teacher refresher!

May 9, 2017 – SOL

Two word sentences!

Teachers try.

Parents worry.

Students fidget.

Books stimulate.

Nature inspires.

Foods nourish.

Graduate dreams.

Granddaughter waits.

Writing explains.