I was inspired by a fellow slicer to write a nonet poem. Starting with a nine syllable line, write down to a one syllable line.



Mother Nature captures attention

One day so mild and giving hope.

Next she slams the House with winds.

Temperature drops quickly.

Rain turns into sleet.

No energy.

Boots back on.





Writing poetry with students this week, concentrating on grammar and prepositions.


In the kitchen,

Among provisions and staples,

With recipe nearby,

Over the stove,

Beside the sink,

Into the hot pan,

Beneath a shower of spices,

Under the lid,

Up the olfactory canal,

Onto the plate,

Between teeth and tongue,

Down the gullet,



I sit in the chair,

Hoping  for inspiration,

Nothing is too clear.

Swapping ideas in and out of desperation.

Truly my fear.

Why, oh why, can’t I write?




Tuesday, already!? A haiku about writing. I will try this Haiku app with the students today. I hope they like it as much as I do.


A New Mish-Mash

Just as I did at the end of last year’s challenge, I am writing using this past month’s slices.

Hello, March! Thank you for being My Confidant. Your Weather often made it difficult for Communication. Sometimes it felt like I was Walking with eyes wide-open in a Snowglobe. I got an Unexpected Day Off. Would I spend it Training the cat? No, I had a Car Talk, then I wrote A Letter to myself. It turned out to be my Math Bio. It included Percentages, Books, A Slice List and More. . . These were my Thoughts for Friday. At 3am, I was filled with Gratitude. I Don’t Need, More than, Simple Pleasures, a Senior Visit, to appreciate Gram’s Pie or Our Fishes or The Kindness of Strangers. Currently, Being…Old, I 💕 You! I am still  waiting for A Touch of Spring.

34C7B324-D6AE-4F9F-A0B3-E251C1D3C829Thank you to TwoWritingTeachers and the rest of you for the organization and inspiration you gifted me. See you on Tuesday.

A Slice List

Chugging, chugging towards the finish line. Trying, trying to squeeze out another slice.




An idea?!



Scribble, scribble








(For 31 days!)




This month I turned sixty-four years old. I am feeling my age these days. Not always, just sometimes. I still like to learn new things and stay active, but

You know your getting old when:

  • your back goes out more often than you do.
  • old people start attending your class reunions
  • you had to learn how to parallel park for your driver’s test
  • you never heard of anyone on today’s music/movie scene
  • you no longer stay up for New Year’s Eve celebrations
  • you no longer stay up later than ten- really nine thirty
  • you don’t care what others think
  • most of your books are older than the kids you teach
  • police and doctors look like they’re twelve
  • you talk to yourself
  • you talk back to yourself- out loud
  • some of this technology is intimidating

Oh well, the other option is worse! Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway? Life is interesting.


I love to read. I have always wanted to read everyday. I remember how happy I was growing up when my Mom let me skip relative visiting to stay home and read my book. That was a luxury growing up in a big family – time alone in the house. We always had newspapers and books and magazines around. We didn’t have a library for them. We just had reading material available everywhere. I still love visiting my sisters’ houses and perusing their catalogs. Every summer when the family gets together, part of the time will be used to talk about what we have read and recommend. I am still amazed to enters somone’s house and not see any books or magazines or newspapers. What do they read in the bathroom? There is only so many times you can read the back of a tube of toothpaste!

34C7B324-D6AE-4F9F-A0B3-E251C1D3C829book art