I was inspired by a fellow slicer to write a nonet poem. Starting with a nine syllable line, write down to a one syllable line.



Mother Nature captures attention

One day so mild and giving hope.

Next she slams the House with winds.

Temperature drops quickly.

Rain turns into sleet.

No energy.

Boots back on.




Senior Visit

On Thursdays we have some of the seniors from our community visit for lunch. It is so rewarding to see the camaraderie between the different ages. The older generation, of course,always know the students names and families. Absences are noted, birthdays celebrated together, crafts and games enjoyed together. Except for when a grandparent is attending, the kids don’t always remember the elders’ names. But they do like the attention lavished upon them.

Yesterday while one of the older students was waiting holding the door open for some seniors, he was waiting, waiting. “They’re just standing around talking.”

I had to remind him that they were just conversing with their peer group. Just like how his classmates liked to talk together. “Really? But in class we like to talk when we are not suppose to talk.”

So maybe the students are beginning to see older folk as real people too.



3 AM

This is becoming a habit, a bad habit. I find myself awake at 3am each morning. Why is this body so quick to add this new wake up call? I was finally becoming able to sleep through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom. Then the granddaughters came for a visit, and I wanted to check on them in the middle of the night. It was cold. I wanted them covered. So I woke myself up in the middle of the night for them. My sleep pattern was altered and I am having a difficult time getting back to a night of full sleep.

Not that I am not using this time wisely. Like the other night, during those quiet, dark moments I was inspired to rearrange lessons in order to fit in a stem activity on snow shoes. No sense wasting all this snow. Sometimes I use this reprieve from sleep to pray, or count in French, or rehash the past day and plan the next day. Sometimes I try to control my breathing, or relax different parts of my body. Most of the time I worry. Why do things always seem worse in the middle of the night? I just want a couple more houts of sleep. If I didn’t have to work the next day, maybe I would sit up and read. Equally bad is when you do fall back to sleep soundly and the annoying alarm shakes you out of your dreams. I like being able to sleep through the night, so I hope I can retrain myself soon.



I love putting math and writing together.

I am:

  • 25% wife
  • 15% teacher
  • 10% student
  • 10% reader
  • 8% writer
  • 7% planner
  • 5% cook/chef
  • 5% house cleaner
  • 5% friend
  • 5% dreamer
  • 5% worrier




Fellow slicer, Lanny Ball, inspired me to turn my “More”post yesterday into thoughts of gratitude. I do have much that I am grateful to have received.

Life and love, too important to take for granted. How lucky I am to rise every morning knowing I am sweetly loved and return that love willingly. How lucky I am to be living in this country at this time. Yes, there are problems, but I enjoy freedom and opportunities not found in so much of the world. I have food and shelter and no wars in my neighborhood. How lucky I am to have family and friends always ready to talk, play and listen with me. How lucky I am to have a career and colleagues that support and challenge me to do my best. I am grateful for this March SOL venue, for my fellow writers, their inspiration and fellowship.



More. . .

I want –

  • more blessings for my family
  • more opportunities for growth
  •  more play dates with the granddaughters
  • more patience
  • more time
  • more reading
  • more writing
  • more exercising


My Confidant

I enjoyed my relaxing visit to the hairdresser yesterday. It was a much needed appointment. I usually wait too long for that hair cut. Things were starting to look shaggy. I have trusted this hairdresser for many years and we have developed a friendship.While she clips and  blows dry, we usually discuss grandkids and society at large. I relish the massage that comes when she washes my hair. The stimulation to my scalp is invigorating.

But yesterday, she was more than coiffer. Carol is a strong woman, who has survived cancer and was there as her husband battled and died from his foes. I needed her support as I deal with my husband and his health problems. She reminded me to take care of myself, release that control I think I have, and celebrate the happy moments. Smart advice for anytime, but perfect for me now.



Inspiration, a dance, could it flow?

Waiting for an idea, I am being hopeful,

Though doubts paralyze anything I know,

Words that result, I want to be truthful.

Searching through filing cabinets in my mind,

“Done that, hate that, can’t believe that.”

Too judgmental, there’s nothing to find.

The brain waves are all way too flat!


I never was much of a dancer, but I’m goin’ keep on tryin’.