Kindness Cloud


kindness-cloudAnother slice of life and I am working with the students on their blogs, using word clouds with their OLWs. This is a terrific lesson for synonyms. But with different levels of ability and some tech difficulties, it ended up taking the whole class to implement – and still a couple didn’t finish.  March is getting ever closer and I want therm to be ready to blog everyday …


MY OLW 2017

One Little Word

Yes, I am going to do this year. In the past I never committed myself to this idea. I never put it down on paper. So, of course I never remembered to follow through.

My One Little Word for this year is kindness.  This OLW also fits in with  my New Year’s Resolution – to be kinder. To me, being kinder can encompass so much. If I can be kinder, I will be more aware of others and their needs. I want to look people in the eye and pay attention when they are speaking. This means listening without thinking of what I want to say. Then I need to be able to think before I speak. This means there will be less jumping to conclusions by me – a really bad habit. Or even worse, I often think that I know everything. By using kindness, I should be more considerate of others and their feelings.Also I will be kinder to myself. There is no need for harsh words against myself. I should be my own best friend, not worst enemy.

Interesting day as I introduced this concept to the students also. There was no hesitation on their part and they eagerly began to think and write about their little word.  Now working with them I hope we all can do more work with our own little words.


At this time of year it is still dark when I come to school in the morning. I hate that. I come from a family of early risers –  we all say it was from my Dad because he was a milk-man delivering milk early in the morning! Anyway,  I like to come to school early when there are less interruptions.  So this morning as I walked up to the school building there were dark shadows made by the bushes and mounds of snow. Then the wind started to blow and real bizarre shapes appeared. Oh, my imagination can run on high. Suddenly the angles looked like the ears of beasts. The illumination shining from the street lights twinkled on the snow and metal play equipment like the eyes of beasts. I suddenly remembered the scenes from The BFG showing the friendly giant hiding so completely in the dark areas of the streets.My winter boots crunched loudly over the frozen tracks left on the path. Surely these annoying screeches would scare any creatures away. These patches of frozen icicles made the trek slower than normal. More time for the imagination to work. Finally, I made it to the warmth and safety of the foyer where my key slid smoothly into the lock and as I pulled the door open my breath slowed and normalcy returned. Well as normal as school can get a few days before Christmas vacation begins.



The first appreciable snow has arrived, along with mixed reactions. Of course, it looks beautiful – so clean, so white, so soft and so quiet! As the snow fell all morning, it was like sitting inside a snow globe after it was shaken up. White … Continue reading Snow!?

Threads of Friendship

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to share a morning with one of my best friends over the Thanksgiving holidays. We did go shopping together, but it wasn’t Black Friday shopping. We both needed to gather groceries and run a few errands. One reason why we choose to live in the North Country is for the space that surrounds us, both physically and physiologically. Our shared philosophy is to stay away from crowds. So as we headed out Saturday morning it was with a little apprehension of what we might find below.

On our hour drive to the stores we drove through an early winter wonderland. Early morning clouds had coated the bare branches of the trees with  a frosty snow/ice lacquer. This gave us plenty of time to catch up on the details surrounding our families and interests. A friend is someone, who no matter how long it has been since you last talked, is ready and willing to share. I often feel like when I talk with a good friend my feelings and thoughts are validated. And luckily, my friend always has great new thoughts to share with me too. Together  we tie the threads of our friendship to form a quilt of many colors.

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