Feathered Visitors

I was thrilled to spy two cardinals outside my bedroom window this morning. My feathered visitors were hopping from thin branch to thin branch munching on the little red berries still hanging on there.

I first saw the female and I imagined it as my mom watching over me, letting me know she was checking in on me. Just like a typical mother, this bird never stopped moving about the bush. She barely took time to feed herself. My mother has been gone nine long years, and still her spirit fills me with joy.

The male was splendid in his red coat. He stood tall and straight reminding of the two strong men missing in my life – my father and my husband. Dad never got to meet my husband, but I know he would have loved him also. It is very comforting to feel their love coming through the pane (pain) into my heart.


2 thoughts on “Feathered Visitors

  1. This was beautiful and I truly believe our loved ones come to us in these moments bringing us peace and hope. A reminder we sometimes need.

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  2. Those sign of love keeps me going, too! I believe that our loved ones are always around us, and if you look hard enough, you’ll see signs all over the place. Happy for you!

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