Mother taught us well

When I was growing up, every Saturday morning, I mean every Saturday morning, cleaning house chores needed to be completed before anyone could leave the house. My poor older sisters did the brunt of it, but all the kids had something to do. Now I do so enjoy watching my older sisters march the younger grandchildren into tidying up the camp on Saturday mornings. My older sisters and I do the major cleaning moving into and out of the camp, but the weekly picking up is doled out to the youngsters if they want to stay at camp. There are such surprised expressions on the young faces when they realize their aunts are not fooling. One dusts, one shakes out the rugs, another sweeps the stairs or empties the waste baskets. Of course, there is some fun competition and rivalry- girls versus boys. Who does the better job??! Definitely good housekeeping skills needed for both sexes. Since these chores have been grudgingly accepted, they now must help with dinner dishes. With no dishwasher at camp, they keep track of whose turn it is to dry the dishes or put them away. The aunts still do the washing of the dishes – that cannot be left to amateurs! There is always laughter and teasing in the kitchen then, memories in the making!


1 thought on “Mother taught us well

  1. Beautiful memories in the making! I agree, we need to teach both genders how to handle house chores.

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