What if…

So many of my posts throughout the month of March deal with the winter weather as it holds on longer here in the Northeast. I like winter, but it takes so long to leave. Instead let me give you a glimpse of what happens if you were here in –

May- The lilacs would be blooming surrounding me on the back porch as I bask in sunshine and sip my morning coffee. I am probably thinking of plans for the garden, watching the squirrels scurry across the neighborhood.

August- The morning routine at camp with family includes watching the fog lift over the silver smooth lake, waiting for an eagle fly-over. The kitchen warms up as popovers rise in the oven and sun kissed youngsters rumble down the stairs.

October- I am surrounded by color. The neighbor’s oak has the biggest yellow leaves, mixing with the reds and oranges from the tall stately trees lining the streets. My coffee cools while I breathe in the frosty morning air.

December- The first snow lies so serene and clean over the lawn making a perfect backdrop for the twinkling lights of the holiday. Who doesn’t like snow??

2 thoughts on “What if…

  1. I came for the promise of spring and you didn’t disappoint!! Thanks for reminding me that greener, warmer days are coming, as is a renewed love & appreciation for the cold that is still lingering here.

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  2. What a great theme for a blog. I love lilacs and the smell of them.

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