So Much…

Summertime… So much I want to accomplish, enjoy and and experience. Isn’t that grand? First I was enchanted by all the shades of green surrounding me. Bright, olive or grass green – a quilt of shades overflowing all the roadways and hills. And there was even sumptuous smells wafting up as the haying was begun. I’m breathing in deeply and relaxing, yet still remembering a to do list in mind!  First let me clean off this desk full of this past school year’s plans, discards and dreams. Already I’m filling folders of activities and ideas for the upcoming year. Oh, and remember, I want to start writing in my journal/notebook every morning now too. And exercising too. Maybe a little yoga. Don’t forget the flowers and weeding. And the new books I want to be reading, too. Fun time with the Grand daughters coming soon too! And family vacation coming closer. Okay, breathe. I can do this. I want to do this. Isn’t life grand?!


End of Year

Last day of school!? I can hardly believe it already. There is really no job I would rather be doing. Yes, there are challenges and setbacks, but in the long run the rewards are worth it all. It’s amazing to see the students grow and change. This year working with the fourth and fifth graders has been full of joy and surprises. There was definite growth in math and reading, but they like me need to keep practicing our writing. We did have fun writing each our own “fractured” fairy tale. Imagine The Three Pigs written with a Scrap Junkyard Dealer and three vintage automobiles?! Or Little Red Riding Hood using the theme “ Don’t bait the Bears”?
Next year I want to do more non-fiction writing with . Hopefully we will be ready for some blogging. That’s a chore for me this summer, to figure out the details.