Sunday Morning

A quick jaunt out to pick up some milk this morning. The neighborhood is quiet. A gray squirrel quickly darts across the road, over the frozen pile of snow, and up another tree. People may be up in their houses, but the houses are dark. In this early hour there are no lights shining out windows. The sky is a cloudy blanket covering our heads, no light shining through there either. There are no barking dogs, no big trucks downshifting, no children calling to their friends – it is quiet. The store is quiet, almost empty. I usually like this early hour to reflect, but today it seems too quiet. I hurry home and write this post.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. You capture the eeriness of this time well with your post. Glad to hear your store had milk. Panic hoarding/buying around here is leading to empty shelves that adds to the problem.

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  2. You portray the quiet of Sunday morning so well with listing the missing sounds. Beautiful piece.

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  3. You perfectly describe the dawn of a new day.

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  4. The details you include create the perfect image of the stillness and quiet. I would be a little freaked out too. My favorite line was: “A gray squirrel quickly darts across the road, over the frozen pile of snow, and up another tree.” It is the perfect image of one other living creature out in the early morning as well.

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  5. The quiet feels so serene but your piece also hints at how oppressive and frightening such unusual quiet can be.

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  6. A bit too quiet can seem surreal. Love how you described your morning.


  7. Wonder is will we settle in or continue to feel unsettled.

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