Strong Women

As another year passes for me and I grow older, I want to thank the women from whom I have inherited strength.

Thank you, Mom. My mom lived until she was 92 on her own, passing in the middle of the night. Her fierce independence is a big part of me too. She had her wits about her right up until that point. Mom had some health problems, but always managed to bounce back. She hated when the doctor told her “parts were just wearing out!” Her love for her family was paramount.

Thank you, Aunt Millie. My mother’s younger sister still lives on her own today at 99! I want those genes too. After always keeping precise records along with her good memory, Auntie is the one consulted for the definitive answer about our history.

Thank you, ma Tante Gilberte. My godmother and aunt, my father’s eldest sister, Gilberte was another strong female. I remember everyone being horrified as she stood on the ladder at 80 painting her ceilings! I also inherited her love of flower gardens.

Thank you, Aunt Theresa. This aunt died last month at 99, my father’s youngest sister. Up until two years ago she was still living alone in her apartment with her cat. She had her career as head nurse in the operating room, but always found time to visit the family.

So with longevity genes coming from both parents, I hope to live a long, happy life.

7 thoughts on “Strong Women

  1. Your thank yous to the universe have a rhythm of their own. You’re pieces of that amazing DNA. Good for you.

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  2. Strength comes in so many forms, and longevity is but one. I love that you have these strong women in your world and their DNA in your being. Their gifts, I would imagine, are many.

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  3. What a beautiful tribute to the strong women in your life. I love how you capture their spirit in your descriptions. I hope you a happy and long life like theirs.

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  4. Such a lovely tribute to the strong women in your life!

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  5. What a lovely tribute to your heritage!!

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  6. What a beautiful tribute to the strong women in your life! Sounds like you are blessed with great genes!

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  7. Such wonderfully strong and independent women! I, too, have women I love who lived full lives. My grandmothers lived to see 95 and 98. My mom is very healthy at 71 and I know she will be around for many years to come. I hope the genes live on in me.

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