Social Distancing

I realize how important it is to flatten the curve on this viral epidemic, but we do not want to lose all connections. It brings back to me the memory of Sunday visits to Grandma’s house to see Aunts, Uncles and cousins too.

After church and Sunday dinner, we would pile in the car and head to visit with my mother’s mom,where her brother and his family lived also. There were woods nearby to run through, and big rocks and trees to climb. There were always lots of cousins and friends to play with and feud against. No matter what season it was we had fun- playing war, roller skating, jumping rope, sledding, or make believe with our Barbies. If we were lucky Grammy was making rye bread that day and we would rush in for fat slices slathered in butter before we headed out again. It smelt so good with its caraway seeds peppered throughout it. I don’t think she could have had any left for later. We were so hungry for this delicious comfort. The comfort of family, the safety of love.

2 thoughts on “Social Distancing

  1. I love that last line–the comfort of family, the safety of love–wrapped up in the memory of fresh from the oven rye bread.

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  2. My grandma is Grammy too! It is so lovely to be able to connect something like this with a memory like that. Good message in that. Thanks for sharing this. I can almost taste the bread!

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