In My Head

“We are what we think we are!”

I love this quote for starting today’s slice.img_0031-1

I am too much in my head. My thoughts are my reality. Trying to change these habitual thoughts is work. In the past I would read books as my source of new ideas. Now I am also writing, reflecting more and using these thoughts to direct my path. And this summer I am meditating as another practice for self-discovery. Practice. I love that word. It reminds me to relax. I do not have to be perfect. It takes time to see progress, feel progress, admit progress. The harshness of delineating abstractions does not lead to love.  So let me not dally here, but continue to look forward to what I want to be – a loving wife-step mother-sister, a comforting grandmother, a patient teacher, a loyal friend, a good citizen, and a companion to Mother Earth.

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2 thoughts on “In My Head

  1. I’m too much in my head – I love that line. I think that’s something that happens during the summer now that I’m an empty nester and I don’t have the distraction of my children during the summer. Being a loving wife, patient teacher and loyal friend are my goals too.

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  2. “I am too much in my head” has been a recurrent thought for me this summer as well. Perhaps, like Teachingnest87 suggests, it’s related to the whole empty nest thing. I’m busy and essentially happy, but oddly restless and unsettled, too. At any rate, I admire your practicing meditation and your worthy goals as well.

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