Laid Up!

I know I do not always show enough appreciation for all the good things in my life – like good health. But I am appreciating it now. Except for being overweight and using a C-pap machine overnight, I have no health issues. While three weeks ago I overstretched the back of my knee somehow. So I have dutifully been doing focused exercises to build leg strength and flexibility and things seemed okay.

Monday morning, with renewed vigor I set off for an early walk before any heat arrives. The leg was achy, but functioning and I was enjoying the shady side of the road, waving away a persistent fly when I realized I should not have drunk that second cup of coffee. I needed to pee.

“Okay, you are almost home.

Think of something else.

Where are all these trucks coming from? Going to?

Hurry I can cross now.

Why is the porch light still on? Remember to shut it off after going to the bathroom!

I hate this steep driveway.

Where’s the cat?

It is going to be another hot one today!

I’ve got to pee like a race horse!”

I reached for the step with the weak leg (instead of stepping up gently onto the step) and OUCH! The knee gave out! Holding myself up in the doorway, I hopped over to the desk chair and collapsed. Pain was radiating in both directions from the knee cap! However, the reason why I was hurrying in made itself known again. Luckily this chair had wheels and I could wheel myself close to the bathroom. I could put no weight on this leg or my knee would collapse. Agh! Relief of something.

So yesterday was a painful, slow day for me. Under the careful care of my husband and my sister, a PT aide, I am much better today. And I am so grateful I am healthy and mobile and alive! Thank you, thank you thank you!P.S. That damn porch light stayed on all day! My Dad would have turned over in his grave. He trained his kids well – shut off the lights when you are done with them! Sorry, Dad.

1 thought on “Laid Up!

  1. Glad you’re doing better today. TAKE CARE of yourself!

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