I love to read. I have always wanted to read everyday. I remember how happy I was growing up when my Mom let me skip relative visiting to stay home and read my book. That was a luxury growing up in a big family – time alone in the house. We always had newspapers and books and magazines around. We didn’t have a library for them. We just had reading material available everywhere. I still love visiting my sisters’ houses and perusing their catalogs. Every summer when the family gets together, part of the time will be used to talk about what we have read and recommend. I am still amazed to enters somone’s house and not see any books or magazines or newspapers. What do they read in the bathroom? There is only so many times you can read the back of a tube of toothpaste!

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7 thoughts on “Books

  1. This reminds me of two things, Alice Nine’s blog yesterday about reading the package of her Brussels bytes and wanting to read catalogs at my husband’s sister’s house. Lots of things to read in my growing up house and ours.

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  2. Oh, it is hard to imagine a home without books! I have bookshelves in almost every room – and they still overflow to tables and countertops!

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  3. I just do not understand how there are people without books- so important to my life!

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  4. I agree with you 100%. I love having reading material in every room of my house. The image of you getting together with your family and sharing titles warms my heart.

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  5. My house is overflowing with books. We actually just changed our living room into more of a library. It’s been such fun! My family all loves to read and we share books and recommendations. When we travel, we make book packing plans–you bring that one and I’ll bring this one, then we can switch mid-way. We all live in horror of not having brought enough to read!

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  6. A home without anything to read? That should be a crime.

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  7. I love your post, it reminds me of me. I love to read too! The best thing that has happened to me recently is audio books, it allows me to double my intake!

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