This month I turned sixty-four years old. I am feeling my age these days. Not always, just sometimes. I still like to learn new things and stay active, but

You know your getting old when:

  • your back goes out more often than you do.
  • old people start attending your class reunions
  • you had to learn how to parallel park for your driver’s test
  • you never heard of anyone on today’s music/movie scene
  • you no longer stay up for New Year’s Eve celebrations
  • you no longer stay up later than ten- really nine thirty
  • you don’t care what others think
  • most of your books are older than the kids you teach
  • police and doctors look like they’re twelve
  • you talk to yourself
  • you talk back to yourself- out loud
  • some of this technology is intimidating

Oh well, the other option is worse! Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway? Life is interesting.

6 thoughts on “Old?!

  1. You had me laughing all the way through your list. “Your back goes out more than you do.” Oh my! Happy birthday!

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  2. Your list cracked me up. It’s funny because I was just drafting a post about aging last night. Your second item made me laugh out loud–where are all these old people coming from? I’ve been seeing them a lot, too! They’ve even infiltrated my family reunions! I also can relate to so many other things you’ve listed. Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

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  3. What they don’t have to parallel park any more?!? That gave me nightmares. Still kind of does. This a good post theme. I’ll tuck it away for another day.

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  4. Happy Birthday! I just turned 54 and can relate to all of these! Some of these are good things about getting older like not caring what others think. Doctors looking twelve is so true! Thanks for the smile this morning:)

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  5. Happy birthday! Smiled my way through this post. I’m only 46 and many of these things are true. Instead of thinking I’m old, I’ve decided that you must be young for your age!

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  6. You stay young as long as you keep your sense of humor. Your list, true as it is, made me chuckle, especially the “police and doctors look like they’re twelve.”

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