I was inspired by a fellow slicer to write a nonet poem. Starting with a nine syllable line, write down to a one syllable line.



Mother Nature captures attention

One day so mild and giving hope.

Next she slams the House with winds.

Temperature drops quickly.

Rain turns into sleet.

No energy.

Boots back on.



4 thoughts on “Weather

  1. We drove to where the power is out and there is about this much snow on the ground. No idea! Hopefully the last hurrah of winter.

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  2. Neat format for a poem, unfamiliar to me. You’ve definitely captured the spirit of winter here. Thanks for sharing this!

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  3. Mother nature always gets the last laugh, doesn’t she?

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  4. Oh, thanks for introducing me to the nonet. It’s a form I wasn’t familiar with it and I’ll definitely keep it in mind for a slice later this month. March is indeed fickle!


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