Teacher Person Poem

(An homage to “Old Florist” by Theodore Roethke)

That form of  a woman correcting exams.

Or planning future lessons and prompts,

Researching and reading standards into practices,

How she could write upside down,

Eyes in the back of her head,

Or make everyday rituals special,

Or encourage bigger leaps of faith,

Or stamp bullying down,

Or fan little sparks of understanding,

Or stand all day in her rubber sole shoes, her soul encompassing all.

3 thoughts on “Teacher Person Poem

  1. I can picture this teacher as I walk the halls of just about any school I visit!

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  2. She’s so alive, from her eyes in the back of her head all the way down to her rubber sole shoes! You nailed her.

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  3. I enjoyed the play on words “sole” and “soul” at the end. So much of teaching is standing on those two feet, bearing your soul to the children, making room for all their souls.


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