A Snowy Spring

Tuesday, April 4th  image

Mother Nature and her April Fools’ Day trick,

More piles of snow along the roads.

All this white is making me sick.

I’m bent and silent beneath these loads.

In spite of the snow, I did experience a “Home run” this past weekend. I got to enjoy time with my sisters, feed my gardener soul by attending a flower show, and partake in a great class for professional development. I tried to keep my head above the stormy weather and just stay in the moment. Catching up on family details always makes me feel lucky to come from such a large family. Then I got to smell flowers and  see blossoms in gorgeous landscaped areas. Nature was shining so beautifully, even if it was staged. Finally, I attended a great class, Handwriting without Tears. Those nuns really knew what they were doing when they made me practice those letters and numbers constantly. It is heartbreaking to see so many students struggle with letter formation, size and spacing. Now I will have some tools to hopefully help them.

Now I sit waiting for yet another storm to hit northern NH. Enough already! I hoping this April sun’s strength can melt this frozen tundra. Soon. Seed packets are piling up,  waiting to explode into new growth. The pastel clothes hang limply in the attic, waiting to be stretched over this winter fat insulated body. I want to be able to walk out the door without stopping to put on boots and a coat. Be careful what you ask for – I do not want such heat that everything green burns up and I can’t breathe. Mother Nature, relax. Let’s enjoy Spring together.

2 thoughts on “A Snowy Spring

  1. Yesterday, I did it! I walked “out the door without stopping to put on [shoes] and a coat.” I was my flip flops and a vest. There is no snow on our sealevel ground and the sun was warm in a blue sky, but I didn’t stay there chatting with my neighbor very long because the breeze had a chill in it from the snow that still covers our foothills and mountains.

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  2. Oh man! That is terrible. I feel like April is the time for sandals – not snow boots! 😦

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