A Door Opening

SOL#17 Day 31        31-day-streak-with-border      classroom-challenge

Another talk to  myself:

Final day of the challenge, Teri. Don’t put that pen down now. You’ve done so much. You’ve fulfilled your commitment. Here and there you caught a grain of truth, painted a pixel of a picture and uplifted your own soul.  These slices depicted a patchwork quilt of your inner and public life. A few slices were diced and examined with precise details. Other slices were merely skimmed over. Maybe to be opened up for later probings. Remember every journey, every task, begins with one step at a time. Keep going.


4 thoughts on “A Door Opening

  1. Remember what Mother Superior says in The Sound of Music: When God closes a door, He opens a window.” The door is closing on the March SOLSC, but a window is opening for….

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  2. I like how you finished with a message to yourself. It’s a kind and wise message, too.

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  3. I keep an old grimy clipping on my fridge- “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Keep writing!

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  4. You do well to congratulate yourself on this accomplishment of completing the 31-day slice challenge. I especially appreciate the line about uplifting your own soul – a large part of why I write. If it uplifts others’ souls, I am amazed and grateful. I can also appreciate returning to posts to “open up” later – I tend to add tweaks after I post, correcting errors I missed the first time, etc. Revision is constant! So glad to know you. 🙂

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