A– Always think before you talk.

B– Believe in yourself

C- Choose kindness

D- Don’t wish your life away

E-  Every day is a new beginning

F- Family is number one

G- Give compliments

H- Hope

J- Jealousy isn’t needed

K- Keep writing

L- Lemons can be turned into lemonade

M- Mother love is the best

N- Never say never

O- Opportunities are everywhere, be ready for them

P- People need people

Q- Quiet time for reflection

R- Repair any wrongs

S- Stretch and stay fit

T- Take the time to smell the roses

U- Under no circumstances, jump to conclusions

V- Value good health

W- Welcome change

X- eXtra helpings of patience needed

Y- You must advocate for yourself

Z- Zero in on goals








2 thoughts on “ABC’s

  1. Thank you for this. I need to print this out and hang it somewhere I will see it often.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My favorite line is opportunities are everywhere, be ready for them.
    This goes well with the other lines, too. I like that it reads as a challenge to us. It makes me want to keep my eyes open, so I don’t miss one!


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