SOL#17 – Day 30        classroom-challenge

A blog put together from my posts this past month:

Here in northern NH I am always getting Ready for displays of Mother Nature’s Strength. She has the Dream Job and on Day 4 – So Proud of her work, I recite The ABC’s of Gratitude.

Here are some Things I Know!? – Wash and Skate and Basketball.

Currently, I am Looking Up and feeling Frigid Cold. The temperature Numbers match my Birthday’s number.13 – That’s cold.

Sometimes I Imagine Together the Family Cooking. That would make me Yes, A Planner! But life interferes with things like the Town Meeting -where Democracy Rules. All I can do is walk away with 10 Things I Trust. That then gives me Inspiration from Book Titles and Lessons to Pass On. So here I am Sweating , looking for Hidden Poetry. Really. It is like finding Surf and Turf under the couch pillows. As my Sunday Night Worries continue I write a Note To Myself. Is there A Name for this composite post? Mishmash, perhaps?

4 thoughts on “Mishmash

  1. I’ve been trying to do something with my titles but I haven;t found a satisfactory way to do it. Your post has given me some ideas.

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  2. A lot of fun to read and to see the summary of your titles interact is really clever!


  3. Very nicely done! It’s so fun to see how you were able to connect those titles. 🙂 ~JudyK

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