SOL#17 – Day 30        classroom-challenge

A blog put together from my posts this past month:

Here in northern NH I am always getting Ready for displays of Mother Nature’s Strength. She has the Dream Job and on Day 4 – So Proud of her work, I recite The ABC’s of Gratitude.

Here are some Things I Know!? – Wash and Skate and Basketball.

Currently, I am Looking Up and feeling Frigid Cold. The temperature Numbers match my Birthday’s number.13 – That’s cold.

Sometimes I Imagine Together the Family Cooking. That would make me Yes, A Planner! But life interferes with things like the Town Meeting -where Democracy Rules. All I can do is walk away with 10 Things I Trust. That then gives me Inspiration from Book Titles and Lessons to Pass On. So here I am Sweating , looking for Hidden Poetry. Really. It is like finding Surf and Turf under the couch pillows. As my Sunday Night Worries continue I write a Note To Myself. Is there A Name for this composite post? Mishmash, perhaps?


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