A Name

SOL#17 – Day 29

I loved djvichos‘ post about her name       .classroom-challenge

Almost everyone has their own story about their name. Here is my story. I was named Mary Theresa, a good Catholic name. My Mother’s name is Mary, as is my Grandmother’s, and my cousin’s. There were too many Marys in the family. So my Grandfather started to call me Teri. This nickname has stuck with family and friends. My legal name is still Mary. There are times when the two worlds collide.  Mary T. is on the licenses and official papers. Some friends did not even know it was me requesting their presence at my marriage ceremony. They didn’t think they knew that Mary. It was really confusing in college when Teri (real name Mary) was dating Bob (real name Charles). That relationship didn’t work out – just as well that wedding invitation would have been way too confusing. I will answer to either name, but most people do call me Teri. And there was my dear brother, Skip (alias John) who would call me “MaryTeri”. I smile just to type that and my heart fills with memories of my dear departed brother.


A name is just name

Unless it is your fame

It’s what’s inside that touches us all

That makes us want to write and share

We answer the challenge call

Our souls laid open and bare.

6 thoughts on “A Name

  1. I liked reading this. I have always been called by my middle name. It has caused confusion. Although on forms, etc. my first name is used, very few people, even family, ever call me by my first name. I love having it- my mother’s name- Verrena- but I am happy to be known as Diane.

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  2. My dad, Earl, shared his name with his dad. To prevent confusion, my dad was called Sonny. He HATED it. As a result we were never allowed to have nicknames. We were all given unique names and called only that.

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  3. I like hearing your name story and the complications that came with it! I also enjoyed the poem you ended with. It connected it all together. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I loved the story of your name and all the memories tied to it!

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  5. MaryTeri is just like what a brother would say – too cute. I am glad your memory of this brought a smile in his honor. My dad went by his middle name growing up and then in service he had to go by his first name. He said, “Whatever you do – call your children by the name you give them!” Fun slice.

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  6. A name investigation really is revealing. I feel like I got to know many things about you through your name story. The wedding invitation had me laughing!

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