Sunday night worries

SOL #17 – Day 27   classroom-challenge

Sunday Evening

The saddest time of the week end

Dusk surrounds the house

Bags and books ready to be packed

“To-do lists” are in my head

Do I really have to think about tomorrow?

No more Downton Abbey to fill the space before bed

Should-haves crowd the thoughts

If I write the worries down

Will peace give me sleep?

Or will sleep give me peace?


4 thoughts on “Sunday night worries

  1. Oh, I remember those Sunday evenings when I worked full time for Upper Moreland! You have captured all the thoughts and feelings so perfectly! That’s why I always scheduled things to do for fun on Friday evenings, no matter how tired I felt from the school week! I knew I had two more precious days, but Sundays always evaporated into evening worries and last-minute checklists. Now, I still have them if I am presenting or coaching or traveling on Mondays. If I’m not doing any of that, I actually get to sleep in ( but not today!).

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  2. Sunday nights are so difficult. Although I am retired, I struggle through them with/for my husband as he thinks of his week ahead. Your description is so perfect, and those last two lines are the key. Hope last night brought peaceful sleep to you.

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  3. Sunday night, so well-captured! Do we ever rest well on that night? I had to smile about Downton – alas, don’t we miss it so?


  4. Exactly! I can’t believe for my first few years of teaching, I thought it was just me that had these Sunday night worries. Silly me!

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