Note to Myself

SOL#17 – Day 28

Note to myself:

I know you want to be healthy. I know you think that means being skinny, but be careful what you ask for – you do not want to get skinny by being sick. You need to slow down and enjoy the food you are eating. You want to exercise more. Remember how great it felt to be able to move your body energetically. You want to be able to run with students in PE and chase after the granddaughters in the backyard. It is time to start practicing yoga again. Yes, it is a practice. You do not need to do it perfectly. It is time to choose kindness. No, you do not have to always be right. Being right hasn’t always got you the best results. Let’s try to be kind instead. Live in the moment. Stop fretting about the past and worrying about the future. Laugh more. Dance more. Read more. Write more.

5 thoughts on “Note to Myself

  1. It is always time to chose kindness. Your note reminds me of promises and directions I have made to myself.

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  2. I could write the same note to myself minus the grandchildren! The sentence structure reminds me of Life’s Little Instructions.

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  3. Kindness is always a good choice.

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  4. Oh my gosh – that picture of the snow with flowers painted on! It’s just beautiful and what a “wicked” sense of humor someone has. I enjoyed how you negotiate and reason with yourself in this piece. You must be kind to you and yes – enjoy life more!

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  5. Love your note to yourself. You give yourself very sound advice. Good luck finding a happy medium.

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