Surf and Turf

SOL #17 – Day 26          classroom-challenge

No Spring here yet, so on my adventurous ride to the grocery store(snow covered roads) I was inspired to pretend I was somewhere else. Let’s pretend it is summer and warmer out there. That reminds me of the beach. Will there be any seafood on sale? Yes! I bought  some scallops and a sirloin steak on sale. Surf and Turf!

After watching numerous cooking shows where the contestants struggle to cook scallops to a demanding Gordon Ramsey’s satisfaction, I remember the needed preparation – they are going to cook quickly so rinse, pat dry and season them first; the pan needs to be nonstick and  hot oil. I will be ready.

While rearranging the fridge to fit new groceries, I came across a cauliflower shoved to the back. thiss should be used before going bad. My Yankee thriftiness shining through. I was going to try cauliflower rice which I had been hearing about on my cooking shows. After a quick peek with Pinterest, all I would need would be garlic and butter and Parmesan cheese after grating the head. Everything tastes better with garlic, butter and Parmesan cheese..

My husband would broil the steak. He is better at that than me, maybe because he just does it more. We now need to saute a few mushrooms and this meal would be restaurant worthy, but we would get to eat it comfortably at home wearing our slippers, watching the cat sleeping again!

PS- Sorry I am not of the generation that takes pictures of their plates, but I wish I had thought to snap this one. It would have made you even more jealous to see it. Delicious.

2 thoughts on “Surf and Turf

  1. This dinner sounds delicious! I have always been tempted to try cauliflower rice. You’ve inspired me – Thank you.

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  2. This sounds amazing! I am 1) hungry now and 2) smiling about your pretending that you are pretending you are somewhere warm, maybe the beach. Everything’s a state of mind, isn’t it??

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