SOL#17 – Day 10

Sometimes I forget to look at the sky. It is always so amazing no matter the time of day or night. I am so lucky to live high on a hill overlooking mountains. Mornings can shine pink or clear. Pink sky in the morning sailors take warning. During the day, clouds and sun can cast a tapestry of shadows across the ground. The night sky twinkles with stars and planets. And no matter what the phase of the moon it reigns across the ceiling of the earth. But the evenings are the best. We almost always have beautiful sunsets.the range of colors is unbelievable. Every shade of red, blue and yellow can be painted in streaks.IMG_2179



2 thoughts on “Looking Up!

  1. When I walk the dog, I always look down, to be sure there is nothing she will eat. when I drive, I look straight ahead or to the right/left. On those occasions when I am out, walking alone, I love to look up.

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