SOL#17 – Day 11  image

Is Mother Nature laughing and making a joke on us? The cold is back and with a vengeance. As I drowsily toss back the warm, flannel sheets and down comforter, cold  latches onto me. Brrrr. I like to sleep in a cool bedroom, but this is ridiculous. .The house is shuddering with blustery assaults. Despite the sun starting to shine, this sharp, deadly cold persists. Nothing seems to stir outside the windows. Why would they? It’s better for all wild life to stay hunkered down in place. But not us, human life. We still carry on. I shall just dress in layers, fortify myself with an oatmeal breakfast, warm the car and shuffle off to do grocery shopping and errands. THEN, I will return to burrow myself in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and  a good book.





7 thoughts on “Frigid Cold

  1. I am feeling it right now! I am sitting in the hallway of a school while my son participates in a chess tournament today. I came prepared with lawn chair, fully charged electronics, and snacks. I am wearing a hoodie that tends to make me feel like I am slowly roasting in my classroom, but today, in this different building, watching the snow drifting down outside the windows, I want a BLANKET too! My nose is cold.

    As long as the oak mites hide a little longer, it will be worth it.

    Still, I am shivering right there with you!


  2. Just enjoyed reading this piece of writing. I did not want it to end. as I can imagine how cold it is through your words. Fantastic use of ‘special language’ (figurative) as my second graders would say.

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  3. It warmed up a fair bit two weeks ago and everyone mentally put away their coats. Now, however, it has been -20 or colder 3 days in a row. I keep seeing people out without coats. It’s harder to be cold after a few days of warm, isn’t it?

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  4. I too am shuddering with blustery assaults. I keep thinking in a month things will be different. I am dressed in layers including a vest, a scarf and a winter hat. I would wear something on my hands if I could use the keyboard. Next month wait and see-things will be different. I am counting on it. Stay warm.

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