SOL#17 Day 9



  • I am feeling lethargic – lack of sunshine and exercise
  • I am wondering when Spring will finally arrive
  • I am watching young kids cook on television – boy are they good!
  • I am reading I am Malala with my class – a shocking, inspiring true story
  • I am hoping for a full night’s sleep, soon
  • I am planning on fulfilling this SOL#17 challenge
  • I am seeing piles of paper and books – but I know where everything is
  • I am needing encouragement
  • I am giving encouragement
  • I am scheduling an eye doctor’s appointment
  • I am improving my organizational skills
  • I am convincing myself to say “no” sometimes
  • I am enhancing my technical repartee
  • I am closing my ears and lips to rumors
  • I am choosing kindness –  my inspiring OLW for this year.
  • classroom-challenge

3 thoughts on “Currently

  1. This is a good format for a slice. I may have to steal it sometime. Writing daily is a challenge. I’m trying to stay ahead of the game. Choosing kindness is a great way to live.

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  2. Like Margaret said, this is a good format for a slice. I could’ve used this yesterday since I was feeling a little panicked by 6 p.m. since I didn’t have anything really slice worthy. (Then my son ate his first food so I went with that.)

    It’s good to be an encourager when you’re used to encouraging others!

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