SOL#17-Day 8

This week was our last PE class playing basketball with our community volunteer, a retired teacher who loves to coach and play basketball. I have to say he as much fun playing as the class does. And as they become better players, he ups their ante by playing more aggressively against them. And everyone loves that!

The growth exhibited from the students has been amazing. We have practiced with drills and repetition and the viewing of videos for many weeks. Today, because it was a shorter class, we went right to picking teams and playing the game. And I’m glad we did. There were some great passes and breakaways. Even a few rebounds happened because they are finally learning how to stand in the correct position for it.  Lots of shots were tried though not all fell through the hoop. It was great to hear the kids say, ” It doesn’t matter who wins. This is fun!” There are still things to be learnt and practiced more. Some still don’t see the distinction between guarding and aggression. A few are still afraid of the ball, but the majority are experiencing the joy of a healthy body and exercise. Oh, to be young again!



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