Revisit my OLW

At the beginning of January, I chose Kindness as my One Little Word. Just like all resolutions I started out very committed, but now at the end of the month I find that my focus on the word has slipped. So I am renewing my wish to be kinder to people. I am hoping that I will have more success if I use the phrase (from Wonderone of Mr. Browne’s precepts quoted from Dr. Wayne Dyer) “Choose kind”.

Actually as I read the whole quote now, it does seem very appropriate for me. Here is the quote:”When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” Too many times, especially with my husband I think I am right. And I want him to know that I am right. Now, I will try harder to be kind, rather than right. Why is it that sometimes it is the people we love the most that we can hurt the worst?

As a teacher there is so many things you need to be right about – the right lesson plan, the right assessment, the right goal etc. I think too often I carry that over to my home life, and think I need to be right about everything there too.

5 thoughts on “Revisit my OLW

  1. I love the line about choosing kind over being right. I would add that sometimes we should choose kind over being smart, too. I had my olw be kind two years ago, and I loved it.


  2. I still don’t have my word for the year. Maybe I will try a quality like you have done. I will seek a quote to guide me. Thank you for this lesson and example. I believe being kind is harder with those we love because we see them so much. It’s less likely with others because of the time spent ratio is a factor. But as you said, there’s room to improve.


  3. I think we are alike in this. I might need to “choose kind” more often, too.


  4. Good luck in getting your focus back on to your OLW! Sometimes it’s hard to step away from the “I’m right” but I bet you can do it. 🙂


  5. I feel the same way. I will try to choos kind more often. I’m sure my husband will appreciate it.


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