“PAWS” itive Love

For Valentine’s Day I am having the students write about their love for their pets, and so I am writing also. My husband and I just have a cat now. I don’t want to say that we own a cat because it is difficult to say that anyone can own a cat. Cats are very independent. The cat really only tolerates us, and gets us to do her bidding.

Our cat is named after an ancient Roman god, Janus. Statues of this god usually show two faces. While my cat has two faces also. It is divided symmetrically  along its body (and face too) into light and dark patterns of fur. If you saw only half her face, you would not match it up with the other side. Sometimes I think she reminds of Janis Joplin – a wild, independent spirit!

Since Janus was raised with our puppy, Sam, she received some of the same training as a dog. Hence, she learnt to fetch and retrieve her little toys! She does not do it much anymore, that is mostly our fault for not keeping up with the practice. Janus will also come when called by my husband’s whistle. It helps if he shakes the treat bag too.

I have always been a cat lover, but this cat really belongs to my husband. They spend lots of time together, especially outdoors in the summer. Both of them like to hunt and eat their wild prey. I only like to watch and hear about their adventures while I sip ice tea on the front porch.


6 thoughts on ““PAWS” itive Love

  1. Janus, an interesting name for a wild, independent spirit! I saw Janis Joplin live when I was in college and she rocked the audience with a fierceness only she could deliver. I hope your Janus has the same fierceness of character.

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    1. Yes, she is a fierce hunter, but so gentle with us, never scratches- except the couch to let us know she wants out – now!


  2. I miss having a cat that I “own”. This spring we’ll be looking again, because I miss that companion, that midnight alarm clock, and personality that only cats can give. Siamese are my favorite as I grew up with them! 🙂

    Thank you for your purrrrfect slice! 🙂

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    1. I love that you are writing with your kids – and the mythological/pop culture connections to the cat’s name.

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  3. My twin sister is a cat person. She is OK with dogs, but definitely leans feline. I think she would adore Janus.

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    1. Thanks! I did end up loving our beagle, but I’ve always been a cat person first.


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