ABC’s of Teaching

The ABC’s of teaching

A is for always, there is always something to do.

B is for boys, oh, can they make a science class interesting

C is for class, of course

D is for demands, so many demands

E is for everyone, let’s try to include everyone

F is for forgiveness, we all make mistakes

G is for golly gee, I tried

H is for happiness, what we all want

I is for integrity

J is for jumping through hoops

K is for kindness, choose kindness

L is for labels – on books and cubbies, not people

M is for many, the many things we do

N is for noticing what goes on with every student

O is for an opportunity to succeed for all

P is for politeness, never to be forgotten

Q is for quiet when the story gets oh-so-sad

R is for rest ,everybody needs plenty

S is for studying, can I teach them how?

T is for teacher, I always wanted to be one

U is for universal, some rules apply to all

V is for verb, we all know what that can do

W is for welcome, all welcome here

X is for extra special care

Y is for you, you are important

Z is for zero, I don’t want to see that anywhere!




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