MY OLW 2017

One Little Word

Yes, I am going to do this year. In the past I never committed myself to this idea. I never put it down on paper. So, of course I never remembered to follow through.

My One Little Word for this year is kindness.  This OLW also fits in with  my New Year’s Resolution – to be kinder. To me, being kinder can encompass so much. If I can be kinder, I will be more aware of others and their needs. I want to look people in the eye and pay attention when they are speaking. This means listening without thinking of what I want to say. Then I need to be able to think before I speak. This means there will be less jumping to conclusions by me – a really bad habit. Or even worse, I often think that I know everything. By using kindness, I should be more considerate of others and their feelings.Also I will be kinder to myself. There is no need for harsh words against myself. I should be my own best friend, not worst enemy.

Interesting day as I introduced this concept to the students also. There was no hesitation on their part and they eagerly began to think and write about their little word.  Now working with them I hope we all can do more work with our own little words.

5 thoughts on “MY OLW 2017

  1. What could be more important than kindness. Great word for the year.


  2. The One Little Word concept is a neat one, to be sure! I’d love to hear about how it went with your classes.


    1. Hope to keep their progress monitored. Getting ready for the March class challenge with Slice of life.


  3. Kindness is a lovely choice for an OLW. And what a good idea to share the OLW idea with your students!


  4. Yay for you! This is my 6th year choosing a word, and it is by far one of my favorite ways to live intentionally! So glad you are choosing kindness this year!


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