December Heart

As the year winds down, I am trying to take this time to reflect. Too many times in school and in life, I don’t make or leave enough space to ponder. And yet, I think I know how important it is to ruminate and think. I do like my alone time and feel stressed and harried when I do not have this time.

Another year has passed. It does seem as I get older, time passes ever faster. It could just be as my life gets more complicated and filled up with details, obligations, and desires, there is less time available at all.These distractions can grow to fill any and all available time slots. Imagine being bored with nothing to do at all? I want to better prioritize my time. I need to make concrete plans to enhance my inner life. Hint: read, write, blog more for myself, not just for the job.

I do feel a bit of nostalgia for this past year. Not that it was perfect at all, but all of the past somehow seems relevant. My future is built on that past, but controlling too much of this present does not seem to be working. I can’t control everything?? Instead let me focus on the hope for 2017. Maybe it’s the catholic upbringing, but I still do believe in the good classic virtues: hard work, honesty, kindness and hope. I believe in these virtues in myself, my students, my family, my neighbors, my country and the world. It’s not that I don’t believe everything bad happening out there, but I do believe good conquers evil.

2 thoughts on “December Heart

  1. I truly enjoyed reading your post today. I could connect in so many ways. Thanks for sharing and a bright and joyful 2017 to you! ~Amy


  2. I said “Me, too!” at almost every sentence. Wishing you a wonderful 2017.


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