Kindness Cloud


kindness-cloudAnother slice of life and I am working with the students on their blogs, using word clouds with their OLWs. This is a terrific lesson for synonyms. But with different levels of ability and some tech difficulties, it ended up taking the whole class to implement – and still a couple didn’t finish.  March is getting ever closer and I want therm to be ready to blog everyday …



9 thoughts on “Kindness Cloud

  1. Great idea to do a word cloud! We made a class Slides presentation for our OLW. My third graders will also be blogging in the March SOLSC!


  2. What a fun project! Have you, by chance, read the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio? The slogan “Choose kind” came to mind when I saw your wordle. Empathy is such a vital thing to teach – adults sometimes need it more than the kids!


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