Day 22

Why I wouldn’t want to teach ESL? It is hard enough to get English speaking students to recognize and use the English language correctly.
“We drive our cars on the parkway, and park our cars in the driveway!”
Homophones and homographs can be such fun to examine:
My dear husband loves to cook deer meat. He does cook that meal well, but never the meat from does.
A new tale:The wind blew as I tried to wind up the blue kite tail. I knew it would, but towards the wood! Whether or not, depends on the weather. Before it breaks, I will apply the brakes.

3 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Oh–I bet you had fun writing this. I’m always thankful that English is my native language as it is wonderfully crazy. Thanks for capturing a bit of that with your post.


  2. It makes me glad to be a native English speaker. That’s enough phonics for now!


  3. I loved reading this! I teach 3rd grade and I keep trying to figure out ways to help my friends understand our crazy language. I am not sure how I know which word to use but I do and I still struggle to help them know. If you haven’t read Rain Reign by Ann Martin, I highly recommend it! The main character LOVES homophones!

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