Day 21

I’m itching to start the spring cleaning. With our capricious winter/spring days, little has been accomplished so far. I trained for these events throughout my upbringing.
Mom insisted on daily and weekly chores(sprints), but the spring and fall cleanings were the marathons. One weekend the downstairs would be scrubbed and polished and invariably rearranged. Cupboards and drawers emptied and examined. Screens removed or put on the freshly washed windows. The next weekend the upstairs was tackled. The summer/winter wardrobes were exchanged. The perfect time to empty those closets and drawers. With eight kids also the time to hand- me down the clothes someone had outgrown! Walls, floors and mattresses vacuumed. Finally I would be old/tall enough to hang out over the second story window ledges to spritz those windows clean. Those old wooden frames were heavy as they were raised and lowered to get them clean. Then the screens had to be wrestled into place after waxing the edges with old candles to help them slide better. All this with Mom nearby inspecting, encouraging and cleaning. My favorite part, and still today, is taking the laundered curtains in from the clothesline, then ironing them crisp before putting them back up on those mirror clean windows!
I can hardly wait to begin, homage to my Mom.


4 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. I love how you describe this. “I’ve trained for this.” – what a beautiful homage to your mom and slice about this ritual.

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  2. What a fun way to look at Spring cleaning. Alas, my mother’s passion for cleaning did not rub off on me. I used to joke with her that it was my form of rebellion, since I was, otherwise, a level headed teenager. I can find a million things I would rather do than clean.

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  3. This really makes spring cleaning sound purposeful and fun. Still not there, but it’s also still cold here.

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  4. I love the line about the laundered curtains. I feel the same way when I wash my curtains and hang them back up.

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