Day 23

I Love Lucy in the Kitchen

A  delicious dessert was being made,

And the graham crackers were already laid,

All left to do was whip the cream

And chocolate would be added in a stream.

I couldn’t wait to put it all together.

Whir, whir the bowl does swirl

When suddenly a glitch appears

And chocolate cream was sprayed

Sprayed from head to toe,

From cupboard to stove!

Our treat would have to wait…


5 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. Oh wow! And you were able to step back and write about it! Like Roseblatt’s Reader Response Theory says, we make meaning from our experiences as we work through understanding writing. As I read your work I thought about how much perspective plays a role in how we live. The message for me is that the beauty and the mess are all a part of our lives and that’s okay. Sometimes gratification is delayed. And that is okay.


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