Day 9

At school we were trying to be inspired about crazy rules in our lives to write poems.The craziest rule at my house growing up was to always keep the toilet seat cover down! This all started because of my little sister. How did we grow up in that small duplex, eight kids with two parents and only one bathroom? We shared the bathroom, that’s how. The four oldest girls were used to sharing the mirrors and sink, so we could all be ready on time for school. Dad hung two mirrors in that small bathroom – one over the sink and one over the toilet.There was not a lot of squabbling. We knew better.
Then, the baby of the family was born and things did change. After all of us previous siblings, Mom and Dad were getting tired. Sometimes it was easier for them to just try to keep that little girl happy, rather than figure out what was really going on.Yes, I’m saying it – she was spoiled!
So there’s little JoJo running around the house always into everyone else’s business. No chance of any peace in the bathroom either. She always needed to come in when somebody else was in there.
And then it happened! While my older sister was brushing her teeth, young JoJo ran into the bathroom and jumped up onto the toilet seat to see herself in the mirror. (No one remembers why she needed to see herself in the mirror). But the toilet seat cover wasn’t down and Jo stepped into the toilet bowl! It was clean, but she still screamed, threw a fit, and cried. Was it our fault she didn’t look before she stepped up? Apparently it was!
NEW RULE – Everyone must always lower the seat cover! Funny how many times that rule got repeated in the house. Even when we were all tall enough to see the mirrors!


5 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Such a great slice… almost spit out my coffee. You built the tension in such a great way… I was waiting for the moment. Did you write a poem on it? I would love to see the poem too! I am trying to play with poetry more during this month – not a genre I typically turn to. I like how you are using a slice to inspire a poem. I think that will work for me.


  2. Too funny. My twin sister & I are the youngest and our older siblings, (10, 15 & 16 years older) thought we were spoiled. I donut remember any funny rules, but I’m sure we had some.I’m going to mull this over and see of there is a slice in it for me.


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