Day 8

Another early morning up, trying to stay focused, silencing those thousand voices in my head. Just write, but I really want to read.

i have always been a voracious reader. Can’t imagine the loneliness of not being able to read. As my two young granddaughters begin to read, I can sit forever as they read to me the same stories over and over, it doesn’t matter. “They’re getting it!”

At school I still love reading aloud to the class. I want them to hear and enjoy the stories, get immersed in the tale and want more.

Okay, my conscious says I’ve written, now I can go read another chapter before getting ready for the day. Yippee!



3 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. I’m with you–reading is my reward, my solace, my happy place. I have three little kids and after the second was weaned I took a two day one night trip to another city. I realized while reading (The Help) on the plane that all I really needed was an hour of reading to feel refreshed–I didn’t need a whole trip. Trips or days “off” are nice, but a few chapters lost in a book are cheaper, easier, and just as satisfying!


  2. Your last sentence made me laugh. I would always rather be reading. It was a struggle this past weekend should I read or do report cards and look over student writing. I commited to all 3, but my true goal was to finish the book that has been sitting on my nightstand for 2 months. I accomplished my goal and am looking forward to the next book.

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