After inspiraton from Elisabeth Ellington’s pot about things to be thankful for, here is mine. Twenty-six thngs I am thankful for having in my life, some of them happening now, some of them from my past.

  • Just-right coffee in the mornng
  • Warm nuzzles from Pixie, the beagle dog
  • Wake-up kiss from my husband
  • Breakfast with a girl friend for easy conversation and companionship
  • Sunshine shining on the rocking chair
  • Green sprouts breaking ground
  • Walks with the granddaughters
  • Friendly waves from the neighbors
  • A clean kitchen floor
  • Jasmine fragrance candle
  • Warm rain sprinkling down
  • Photos of family everywhere
  • Freshly laundered sheets, dried outside on the clothesline
  • Vegetables harvested out of the garden
  • Kitties and cats everywhere
  • Bisquits straight out of the oven with butter
  • Beach days with my sisters
  • Olive oil and spices on hot popcorn
  • Making plans with fellow teachers
  • Relaxing walks with a friend
  • Teaching new ideas
  • Practicing yoga
  • Dreaming of future projects
  • Completing a project
  • Cooking meals for the family
  • Books, Books, books

3 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. What a great gratitude list! I appreciate that you paused to write down the details that make you happy. Enjoy it all!


  2. I almost did this today too! Coffee, kitties, and books will make my list!


  3. I love this gratitude list. It goes from the very simple cup of coffee to time spent with family and friends. You have a lot to be grateful for.

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