Right Now

Right now_

I sit at the dining room table. The gold flowered tablecloth is covered with pieces of newspaper, pens, paper, lysol wipes, pills, salt & pepper shakers, loose change, extra glasses, tv remote. . .

I hear the tinkle of the spoon against my favorite coffee mug – my white “Bob Ross, the Joy of Painting Mug”. . .

I sip my coffee. It is just the right temperature, flavored with vanilla creamer. . .

I see it is still dark outside, it’s early. Lights are on in the neighbor’s kitchen- she is a health care worker and is off to work (Thank you, Velma). . .

I hear the background hum of the refrigerator, and now the furnace just clicked on. . .

I notice the chattering in my head, the chores I need/want to get done today. . .

I can barely hear the tap of the keys as I type this out. . .

I love the peace and quiet of early morning. We were a family of early risers growing up, and my sisters and brothers and I still are. We joke and say we inherited Dad’s “milkman genes”.

So let the day begin!


4 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I love this post! I am an early riser, too. I love the quiet and the stillness of the early morning, the sounds of the birds chirping and that perfect cup of morning coffee. I hope you enjoyed your morning today and are recharged and ready for what the day brings.

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  2. All the sights and sounds of early morning. I, too, am an early riser. After my dad gave up the coal mines, he became an actual milkman, so I do have milkman genes!
    Thank you, Velma.

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  3. Love the list of things on your table, how it includes clues of the world in which we once lived and those from the world in which we now live. And at the end we learn just a little family history. Thanks for this slice!

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  4. Morning is my best time. So many possibilities.


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