The Grocery Store Waltz

I am prepared. I have my debt card and grocery list in one pocket, keys in the other. My jacket pocket holds a couple of Lysol wipes. The door opens automatically and a sweet, old lady cleans my cart for me.

Step, Step – stay six feet away from anyone.

Circle around the frozen figure in aisle five – don’t get too close.

Wait, wait for the restock man to finish putting lettuce in the bin.

Side step the cereal aisle – too many shoppers down that path,

Reach for that can using the wipe.

Know we all are scared, careful and doing our best


5 thoughts on “The Grocery Store Waltz

  1. I can relate to the side-step waltz as this is exactly how I feel when walking the dog. There seem to be more people walking our path since the closure of schools and businesses. We are indeed “careful and doing our best” and hopefully that will be enough.

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  2. I just read another post about grocery shopping by Lisa over at – around here they are limiting the number of people who can enter the grocery store at a time. My husband is doing all the shopping & comes home & wipes everything down – including himself!

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  3. I remember not too long ago enjoying a trip to our local grocery to see people and visit. Not now. Will this change the way we interact forever?

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  4. I had groceries delivered today. Your step by step description of going to the grocery store expresses all the stress we are feeling. The cereal aisle…yes, I can see that.

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  5. Grocery store waltz. It does certainly seem like this. Thanks for writing.


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