Not Moving

It’s getting light out and she is still not coming in to start me up! It’s Monday morning, right? She didn’t use me at all yesterday. I got all cleaned up on Friday – a quick wash and a vacuum. That was a comforting massage, but now my engine is cold and this is the time she usually leaves for school. What’s wrong, I wonder? I’ve been closed up in this garage alone. Well, the cat has wandered through a few times. Thank goodness the dog hasn’t peed on my tires, just sniffing around, trying to trace where I have been. I haven’t been anywhere! I am missing my trip up and down the river every day. I know, lots of potholes, but I’m sturdy, and she is careful. I love feeling the wind through my grill. Clean, fresh air. Lately we’ve been hearing the geese honking on their way north or watching the deer moving from their winter yards. She has been listening to audio books, and now I never heard how the last one “Wolf Hall” ended! Sometimes we listen to classic rock on the radio. I like that too. I really don’t mind that she gets crumbs on my floors and seats. She takes care of me. She keeps me full of gas, air in my tires, along with regular oil changes.

What? Wait! Do I hear something? No, just the snowblower complaining too. Don’t worry, Buddy. I hear there is another winter storm on its way tonight. With luck you get to blow again.

Maybe she still will take me out soon- I heard they were running out of milk.


2 thoughts on “Not Moving

  1. I love that last line! made me smile

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  2. I like the personification of the car. Mine really hasn’t been drive though today I got another stash of books out of my trunk.

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